Hawaiian 🌺 Poke 

After my trip of a lifetime to Hawaii – I’ve been falling for Poke, Salmon Poke/ Tuna Poke/ Ahi Poke/ Salad Poke Bowl/ Anything Poke! 

And so I asked my uncle Google . . . Many great recipes returned. So simple to prep! 

I am still learning yet below are my quick tips. Enjoy🌊🐳🐟🐠🐬

👉🏻Buy raw Fishes/sushi grades at a reliable source; so far my fav purchases has been at Wegmans (if you’re living in the USA.)

👉🏻Place/stack raw fish with cold/frozen items (if you’re buying other frozen items)

👉🏻During hot Summer days, I bring my own cooler along w/ ice packs (me ❤️ fish some raw…too much!) 

👉🏻Sashimi or Poke can be *cured* by sprinkling w/ Sea salt or Kosher salt and/or allow it to sit in (rice) vinegar for a while (about 5′-20′). 

👉🏻use a fairly sharp if not really sharp knife to cut the raw fish. This way you’ll end up with firm and smooth cubes of fish.

👉🏻Make sure there’s enough Wasabi + pickled Ginger + lite Soy Sauce.

👉🏻most Enjoyable with fresh or roasted seaweed or almost any green produce 🍃 like Avocado, cucumber, even pineapple 🍍 

👉🏻you could also serve Poke as Tacos 🌮 

👍🏻 It’s a bonus *yummy* if you got freshly roasted Sesame at hand.   


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