Stir ’em up with Butter! 

Friends & Foes,

I don’t expect you to believe me on this however I trust that I’ve just reinvented “the wheels” by stir frying Baby Clams with (Ghee) Butter 😲😎 and I like it fine 💪🏻😘

According to a few sources, Ghee Butter can be heated to a pretty high temperature b4 it starts to smoke 💨 yet suitable for those, like myself, who are lactose sensitive. For other Ghee health benefits/pros/cons, please refer to my uncle, “Google” or DuckDuckGo (my fav search engine these days as it seems not collecting your personal info while avoiding the “filter” bubble whatever’s results!) 

So, back to Baby Clams, I have never stir-fried these babes w/o sautéing onions, garlics and pork fat (the lady who verbally taught me how to prep this dish told me to add a bunch of pork fat and 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶! I am innocent!) yet today I added nothing but Ghee butter + fish sauce + sugar and lots of chili + freshly chopped (Thai) Basils. Make sure cooking with high heat though – it’s more flavorful when ya can feel da heat!!! And no! This isn’t fake News. You’ve just “heard” it directly from Moi 😎!🖖🏻


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